Hire Items

Trestle Table arrangement – Pink Colour Centrepiece  – $15.00 each

Wedding Table Arrangement $18.00

includes 1 Large Roseball  and 2 or 3 Small Rose Balls with vases and coloured water and mirror

happy to modify these arrangements as you prefer

(i.e. Adding submersible lights, water crystals, crystal cluster hangings or different vase for little extra)

Round Table Centrepiece – $20.00 each

Cherub Flower arrangement– Hire Item:

Complete arrangement $30 – includes Cherub flower stand, silk flowers (colour of your choice)

Large Footed Vase with Willows :

  Large vase with coloured water crystals, black stick with silver beads, 4 willows and silk flowers $22.50 ea


with fairy lights $30 per set

Large Orchid Flower arrangement –  great for wedding table centrepieces – $20 each
Also available with fairy lights – $30 each

Floor Standing Décor – (suitable for 18th, 21st Birthdays or for weddings) –

Place on either side of the entrance – We can arrange flowers to match your colours and theme $45 each

Tableware – Champagne, wine Glasses or white ceramic plates  – 0.50 cents each

Red Roses with 5 arms Candelabra :

Complete centrepiece hire $26 ea – includes Silk red roses, 5 arms candelabra and 5 – 7x7cm candles

(if Purchasing $50.00)


5 arms Candelabra with:

Silk Hydrangea flowers (colour of your choice) with Dinner Candles $18.5 per set

( Round mirror base extra – 50cm mirror $6.00ea)


5 arms Candelabra with:

Silk Red Roses and Red Hydrangea flowers with Vanilla coloured votive candles (9hr burn time) $22.50 per set

1st Birthday table decorations – $10 each


Butterfly arrangement (without balloons) – $12 each

Table Decoration for a little girl’s 1st Birthday decoration with balloons – $15 each

Butterfly 1st Birthday Party table arrangement (see complete photo above)

includes 6 Butterflies and sticks, one first birthday balloon and 3 small balloons in a stripe square box  – Complete arrangement $15 each

Crystal candle holders $2 ea

White Chair Covers – $1.75ea, colour of your choice sashes – $1.50 ea, Set of Chair cover and Sash $2.70 per set 

and Satin Table Runners $1 each

Black padded folding chairs – $2.25ea.
All 3 items-Folding chair, chair cover and sash – $4.70 per set

White heavy duty 3.2m round table cloth – $10 each

Black and Silver crystal beads Arrangement

includes:  7 crystal beads with black picks, 40cm vase filled with clear water crystals and one large silver and black flower stick – complete arrangement $25.00

Arrangement with fairy lights $30.00 each

Floor Standing Candelabra :– with arrangements $35ea – includes silk flowers, organza materials and 5 church candles

or without any arrangements – $10 ea

Church wedding alter and/or aisle decoration

or both sides of the “Poruwa” ceremony decoration

Complete arrangement $35 each

(without the stand)

Christmas decoration – $15 each

Includes: Christmas metal decoration, 40cm vase filled with clear water crystals, brown sticks with snow – Complete arrangement $15 each

Blue and White Centrepiece:

 Silk flower arrangement with Blue Hydrangea, white Orchid and white lilies – $20

Harp Vases Table Centrepiece –  $35 each:

Set includes 3 x 60cm and 9cm across cylinder vases with your choice of colour (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple), and  floating candles (9hr burn time) – (if needed we can include orchid flower stem)

Champagne Vase Flower Arrangement :

Complete Arrangement $35ea – includes (colour of your choice) Silk flowers, Water crystals

( Round mirror base extra – 50cm mirror $6.00ea)

Basket Flower Arrangement:  Complete centrepiece  $15ea

 includes basket and Silk hydrangea flowers

Candle lantern arrangement:  complete centrepiece $22ea

Set includes silver or black colour lantern, candle, around the base silk flowers (colour of your choice), Happy Birthday balloon and ribbon

Complete arrangement $15.00 – includes – 25.5 cm tall Vase filled with pink water crystals, submersible light, Rose flower bunch, Round mirror base and 3 crystal candle holders

Coloured gel Martini Glass Candleholders (colour of your choice) $2.95 ea

white wishing well $15ea


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